Helicopter training; Leader in Running Fitness course; a very wet 5 k trail race; a week’s sailing in the SW; and a half marathon.  With somewhat variable success overall.

Search & Rescue helicopters have been privatised; no more RAF helicopters.  The new ones are bigger, and in many respects better.  Not sure that applies to the down wash though.  So it was an interesting morning, right by Pendle Hill, with members of several Mountain Rescue teams participating.

And I’m due another certificate, this one for the running fitness.  Not sure I can demonstrate that skill any more (more of that later) but it was a good day and I did learn a few things.  An England Athletics day adapted for fell runners – quite different, therefore, I imagine, from  the original.

Jim Smith was a founder member of the Fell Runners Association, and he has been a member of Tod Harriers for a very long time.  Thus it was apposite that Andy O’Sullivan should dedicate one of his 5 k trail races to Jim.  A lot of Tod Harriers turned out; and the heavens opened.  I can’t remember being so wet in a race.  Happily it was short.  Unfortunately, not many were left standing to welcome Jim & his entourage over the finish line.  Another memorable evening.

This was my fourth trip on the Eda Frandsen.  A wooden boat, originally a Danish fishing boat, 80 years old, very little in the way of mechanisation.  eda-frandsen-624You sail with a crew of 3, but, if the boat is to get on, then the guests have to muck in.  Right up our street.  Falmouth to the Scilly Isles and back this time; previously we have sailed the Hebrides and Orkney.  Other than being sick as a dog on the transit to the Scilly Isles, it was another wonderful holiday.  I do think I prefer the N West; more variety than we got this time; if I do go again, it would be to Scotland.

And the (rather expensive) Rochdale half marathon.  Long standing readers may recall that last year I did the 10 k, having not been able to do a fell race the previous day, and wanting a race that weekend; this year the half was in the club championship.

Rochdale Town Hall - starts here
Rochdale Town Hall – starts here

I am flagging.  My time was worse than on the hilly Darwen half earlier in the year.  One consolation – 1st v 70.  Actually – the only v 70.

So – season of mellow fruitfulness & all that.  Clocks go back any time soon.

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