Family & Friends in the Lakes again – and Ambleside Sports

Not as big a do as last year.  Back at Windermere again, and a most pleasant week with family and friends.  About 19 of us at the peak.  Weather fair to middling.  Food – we catered for ourselves – excellent.  Company ditto.  And the accommodation just as excellent as last year.

I managed to sit in a canoe, windermere canoe

walk up a little hill, walk along a very fine lake, play chess with a 6 year old, kick a fairly squashy football, and generally convalesce from a horrible cold before doing the Ambleside Sports BOFRA race again.  The Rydal Round, also from Ambleside Sports, was curtailed this year; I think because of the very misty conditions.

My niece’s husband, from Berlin, was somewhat startled by aspects of the race; I think he’s a road runner really, used to flat asphalt.  As he was in road shoes I entertained hopes of getting past him on the downhill, but it was not to be.  Weather conditions at the Sports were less clement than last year – a fine drizzle throughout.  My 4 year old granddaughter managed 3 rosettes and 2 lollies, so was fairly satisfied with that.

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