Sedbergh Sports Fell Race – British and English Championship race

Since the Dales Way walk I’ve managed one evening training with the Search & Rescue team; one pack run (now back in Yorkshire, as it’s a new month); one team call out; one evening marshaling junior fell races at Greenfield; and in the meantime  to see the 2 Euro semi finals.  Hyperactive obviously, in an attempt to overcome the pain of the referendum result.

The junior races were an absolute joy.  Youngsters coming from all directions (they didn’t actually lose any of the runners), many of them sliding on their backsides past me down the wet grass of the steep hillside, road shoes not quite the thing considering the conditions.  One hilarious sight was of four big 15 year old lads proceeding very gingerly down the steep hillside with its wet grassy/stony surface; two tiny boys in club vests (?U10’s?) appeared and went skipping down past the big lads, who were left open mouthed and way behind.  And I received really nice thanks from several of the runners, for marshaling.

This weekend Joyce is in London; it’s another of her more or less annual reunions with the ladies with whom she trained as a nurse now virtually 50 years ago.  Amazing that once again there will be about 8 of them together this weekend.

5.6km, 400 m of climb.  Weather conditions much as last Saturday, when we were at the highest point of the Dales Way; warm, windy and wet.  Just shorts and a vest.  I was in very grave danger of being last today; that would have been a first for me, I’ve never yet come in  last in a race.  I managed to get past a nice chap from  Pennine Runners about half way up the first peak, but I was not that far ahead, and he’s always been better than me on the downhill.  So after the second peak, going back down, I was expecting all the time that he would come hurtling past me.  He didn’t – and, indeed, we waited a long time for him to come in behind me.  I did beat him at each of the two previous EC races this year; and the reason is that his descending is now impeded by knee problems.  My benefit from his bad luck.  I think I got 6 EC points.

Well in front of me, it seems, were huge numbers of runners going down the steep grassy hillside on their backsides – perhaps I should have taken a leaf out of the juniors’ book from Thursday, too.

I found the race hard; maybe I should not have had so many sandwiches in the car on the way up.  After the race I was not particularly hungry until well into the evening, though I’d only had a piece of cake shortly after finishing and nothing else.  I guess if you over fill the fuel tank then the vehicle moves more slowly.  I’ll try without next time and see what difference that makes – if any.

View of Sedbergh – Howgills behind.


We’d walked past Sedbergh on the Dales Way; nice to be back in the same area so soon.

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