Tod Park 5k

This road race was entirely in the park.  So it does seem fair to ask – why is it at a ‘road race’ price?  Certainly not as expensive as some road races, but fell race organisers charge a lot less.

The economics of putting a race on the road are more challenging; police and local authority to satisfy, maybe road closures and so on.  It all costs.  But in the park it must be less.

One of our club members posted ‘5 laps, no route choice, flagged, flat, tarmac. What’s not to like?’  Pretty much all of those, I’d say.  So – why am I doing it? I need it for the club champs.

I’d marshaled a local fell race 2 evenings before; I was asleep (or, rather, doing a sudoku) when the first runner materialised, considerably earlier than I had expected.  Poor time estimation on my part.  But apart from  that I managed to perform my duties satisfactorily.  A nice evening and a lot of satisfied runners.

Then the previous evening I took the pack run up and past Burnley’s singing ringing tree.

Singing Ringing Tree High above Burnley
Singing Ringing Tree
High above Burnley

I’ve been a few times before; once again I failed to perceive it either singing or ringing.  And it’s clearly not a tree.  But a nice spot, and a good route.

So the positives; I completed another club champs race;  I ran all the way without stopping; maybe that’s it.  Time? – don’t ask.  Running style? – don’t ask.  EQ (Enjoyment Quotient) – guess.

And it was referendum day.  Nuff said.  Most unsatisfactory.

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