5 mile trail race

A new event – the Pendle Family Running Festival.  Not a lot of participants at this first weekend, but loads of potential and should take off.  The 5 mile trail race was on the Sunday, the second day.  This was my daughter’s choice of race and I tagged along with her and my son in law.

But just to go back.  Firstly, it turns out that I gave misleading information about ‘walking’ barges through the Stanage tunnel; it seems that the bargees did not walk against the roof of the tunnel.  Rather, they lay on their sides and walked against the walls to propel the barge.  Quite an undertaking either way up, as it’s a 3 mile (5 km) tunnel.

Liaising with the fell race last Tuesday seems to have gone OK.  It was a lovely evening, there were plenty of runners, and everything passed off without a hitch.  No new records, though, despite the dry conditions.

And I did watch the sheep shearing at the Great Yorkshire Show.   In the open final there were 6 competitors, all male, and they were required to shear 20 sheep each.  The winner, from New Zealand, completed his 20 sheep in 15 minutes; the last of the 6 was his father, who took 17 minutes and 20 seconds.  Amazing to watch.  But they went so fast that I did not pick up any tips.

And we did get a nice walk the next day.  Pleasant day, nice route, but some of the paths rather overgrown with nettles, brambles, thistles and the like.  There are disadvantages to walking in shorts.

So Sunday started very wet.  Driving to Pendle we went through a shower with which the wipers could not cope.  Yet we had not a drop of rain during the race.  A lovely route, with something for everyone; a modicum of tarmac, some rough track, a fair amount of path, through fields, woods and by a river; and some climbing.  Quite a strong wind in parts, rather blustery, and some mud.  It seems I only kept ahead of my daughter as a result of her getting a stitch.  With relatively small numbers (about 40) I did fear coming last – I didn’t – but also hoped I might get an age category prize – didn’t achieve that either.

Certainly one to suggest for next year’s Club championship.  44 done.

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