New Year

New Year’s Eve

Auld Lang Syne.  Another excellent Woodhead production.  Failed to act on my diary entry that I needed to enter on 01.11.2015; by the time I woke up, it was full.

Bowstones.  Did this last year as I had, just like this year, failed to get an entry for the ALS.  Pleasant race beside Lyme Park.  A good trip out.

Luckily I checked on the Wed (I was looking for the start time of the race).  Race full.

Thus ends 2015.

Anyway, after a rather late night, I did manage to bestir myself and get to the Giant’s Tooth.  This has been a new year’s day fixture for me for a good number of years.  Short, sheltered, and into the pub afterwards for a beer and a chat.  It felt really cold; there was frost on the car windscreens when I set off.  I’d expected it to be ferociously boggy, but in practice the terrain was much as usual.

One trick on the track running out is just to run through the flowing water; those who tried to avoid it just slopped around in the mud.  You’re going to get your feet wet anyway, and the surface under the flowing water is generally firm and good for running.  Obviously, this does mean more runners coming past me once we’re in the wood.

Much the same time as last year.

Then another pleasant family day at home.  With luck 2016 may have some of the same pleasant features as previous years.